Scrisori către cei de-acasă: corespondenţa voluntarilor români din Brigăzile Internaţionale

de Mihai Burcea

în revista Studia Politica nr. 3/2015



By examining some of the letters Romanian volunteers in the International Brigades sent home during the Spanish Civil War, this article explores their authors‘ experience of the front-line hardships and of the challenges associated with the military life-style.  The paper first provides a concise historical account of the Spanish Civil War, with a focus on the emergence of the international military groups, consisting of foreign combatants. It subsequently investigates the reasons that determined the Romanian volunteers to leave their country to fight in Spain, by examining their motivation in the intricate political and social context of interwar Romania. Finally, the article deals with the negative outcomes these letters had for their recipients, translated into the permanent harassment their families and close ones suffered because of this correspondence.

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