Digital History Workshop/ Atelier d’histoire numérique

afis_conferina_v6-01Faculty of History, University of Bucharest, 18-19th of November 2016
Eight projects of digital history and archives were presented during the first day of the international workshop.
Beside our project, other three directly deal with the (digital) history of communism.

  • The digitization projects of the Open Society Archives:
  • The project on the French Communist Party Archives run by the Maison des Sciences de l’homme Dijon, Franța :
  • The project of our colleague Cristina Diac from the Institutul Național pentru Studierea Totalitarismului, Romanian Academy, which deals as well with the communist underground:

The presentations proved very instructive, lots of ideas and practical solutions being presented in detail. At the second day roundtable, future colloboration projects of digitial history were discussed. The event was presented in the international enviroment, being adevertised on the web-page of Archives des Mondes Contemporains, the consortium of digital history from France:


See: the event page