Objectives & Results (2015)

The results of the third stage of the project are detailed in the table below.


ObjectivesResults (planned)Results (achived)
1. Research: archives, libraries- finishing the collection of the files to be imported in the data base- done, see the app

- data-input in the digital tool- done, see the app
2. Data-base development with IT assitanceOnline Data-base with 4 research functions on the data introduce in 2012-2015.Online Data-base with 8 research functions (the digital tool) on the data introduced in 2012-2015. see the app
3. Historiographical developmentes- intermediary historiographical report on 4 research functions results - finishing, to be published after finishing the data-input (21.12.2015)
- conference of the partial results and project's site- launching of the digital tool , and project presentations - see the results