Objectives & Results (2014)

The results of the second stage of the project are detailed in the table below.


1. Research: NAR-H, Library of the Romanian Academy, interviews. 1.1 Document photocopy.
70% of the rest of the personal files // Collection of all documents and start of the on input procedures in the data-base. (see the digital)
1.2 Information update in the data-base.Interviews with the participants // Interviews with Alexandru Elias, Paul Cornea (see the interview)
2. Building of the data-base on the model previously developed.2.1 CMS and 2 search functionsInformation input structure of the data-base // Information input structure of the data-base. (see the report)
2.2. Information input & data formalization instruction.The structure of 2 search-functions on the information existing in the data-base. // The structure of 4 search functions i on 200 digital files (sex, ethnic, regional distribution, membership). (see the partial results)
3. Historiographical research3.1 Validation/invalidation of the historiograpical clichess regaridng the membership of CPoR1 book in press, 4 articles, published or in press, 1 chapter in press, 1 article in evaluation dealing with the history & historiography of the CPoR (see results)
3.2. Conferinta de lansare a proiectului si updatare site cu materiale arhivistice, interviuriProject launch conference // Conference "Memories from the Communist Underground. Paul Cornea & Alexandru Elias in conversation with Adrian Cioroianu " + The conference "Romanian Communists in the French Resistance. Vladimir Tismăneanu in dialogue with Adrian Cioroianu" + Participation to 2 other confences (see results)


Scientific report

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